Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Studio Middag

Hello, I plan to write on this blog every Tuesday, I skipped last week. I have been busy and I have been sick. So I put my priorities on other things. Anyway I'm back.

I have been working on fundraising and on starting a Home front committee at our church in Holland. Both these things are not usual activities for me, yet they are very necessary. And slowly we are getting progress. Another thing is that I have to tell myself to go to work, and when to work (daytime).

Here is a picture of my workplace.
I also have a scanner/printer, but that one in on a chair next to my little desk.

I have been very exhausted from the fundraising work last week, it had been very intense. Last weekend I decided that I would not do any work at all and just take time for friends and for other things. I visited Christian who has been on holiday in Iceland and who is also a graphic designer/ illustrator like me. Also did I make a start at a short comic-story about Mowgli and Baloo. A bit more realistic than the Disney movie and closer to the original story by Mr. Kipling. It's just a nice thing for me to play and practice with.

While I am preparing for my new job, Chris the puppeteer is participating in "Norway got Talent", we hope he'll get something good out of it.

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