Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fruits, Vegetables and Evangelists

Hey, last weekend I was visting a very good friend and had a wonderfull time there, in church the pastor mentioned that some people see a connection between the four evangelsits and the four animals from Revelations 4 verse 7. Her said that John was like the eagle, and in his gospel has been written from a much bigger perspective, like an eagle soaring high over the world. Then I began to imagine how a gospelcomic would look like when I would draw it from a high and wide perspective. And when can draw John with this perspective, what would the other be like and how would the be drawn?
When you are worrying that I am thinking of comics when I am in church, I can tell you that I am also thinking a lot about God when I am making comcis.
Here are three drawings I made about three of the gospels, and my approach to their style of writing.

My mum is working on the market a few days a week, selling vegetables, and last monday she came home with a huge 1 kg carrot. Sigurd my Norwegian friend did not believe there were Dutch carrots that could be twice the size of Norwegian Cucumbers, but it was true. Then I told him about Dutch mash-pots, something we like to eat in the wintertime. And he did not know the vegetables we like Endive and Kale, and he is a cook.

My skin has been quite good the last time, someone in my church suggested it could be a food allery to oranges, and I have a habit of eating lots of them. I have stopped eating the for over a week, and my skin has not been better. I'll see if I can take a citrus-fruit allery test at the hospital next week.

Further I am still working on fundraising and setting up a homefrontcomittee.

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Flying Kiwi said...

Hi Jan William....
Man oh are SOOOOO talented in your drawing. I am so excited to see you growing in this area and making it more of a focus...GO FOR IT.
Life is very very busy with the school here, but everytime I see you on Skype I keep thinking I want to make the time to chat.....So I am thinking about you!

Have a great week