Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kids evangelism

Last week I heard that the Norwegian government is trying to screw down the amount of "Christianity" from the school programs. KRL (Cultural and Religious Learning) is the subject about all different cultural and religious views, these views are presented as "possible truths" and the kids are left to choose what they like. This while Norway is built on a Christian foundation. You can sign a petition on this matter here, only it is in Norwegian.

The biggest part of missions and evangelism goes to adults and youth, and only a little part to the kids. While kids are much more open for the gospel. In these times they get exposed to so many different influences, we want to be there too, and we want to be first. We want kids to choose Jesus and stick with that choice.

Still I am working on fundraising and forming a Homefrontcomittee that is sending me out as a "missioniary", and things are starting to go better. I hope I can be in Norway by March. They are waiting for me and already are planning the books we are going to make. This time I am drawing for brochures and newsletters. I actually plan to do my newsletters like a comicbook, with a front page and one new page every time. Hope that in the end it will actuallt look and read like a comic, but I don't know that yet.

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