Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Almost in Norway

Hey again people,
Yeah I try to post weekly, well, that didn't happen the last few weeks. Honestly not very many things have been happening in these weeks. I must admit I have been a bit lazy now no one is telling me what to do. It reminds me why I left this country, so many diversions. Okay, it's not the country, it's me.

The things that have been happening are worth mentioning, I almost got enough monthly support to be going back to Norway and finally be drawing there. We will be quite a team when everything will get started in August. I will be on the graphic team together with a Chinese girl that is doing her DTS at the moment, she has a masters degree in Graphic Design!
Aswell will the graphic team work together with the guys from Prokla Media the Publishing House we have at YWAM Grimerud, these guys have a good deal of experiance and contacts, and we wuill be publishing through them.

Already Martin from Norway has started to work with the website.
Barbara from Germany will join for the kids evangelism, she has been working with the Kings Kids project in Germany. When I was doing my DTS at Borgen she took hers at Nordtun and their DTS came to visit ours. She is getting ready as well, leaving Germany and coming to Norway.
Another girl will be doing a lot corrsponding with the kids, answering questions and stuff, kind of like a secretary.
Then there will be a few more people joining the project, but I don't know what they will be doing.

Because we will suddenly be such a big group and with a lot of new people and new ideas and possibilties, we will have to thoink and pray through the ideas and expectations when the season begins in August.

A few weeks ago the anticipation felt like that of going on holiday, of a time when there is just fun stuff going to happen. (unrealistic as it is) I anticipate a lot of drawing, here is a list of all the good things me and Miuky (from China) are going to work at:

-Animations/illustrations used in video material
-Øystein comics
-Bible comics combined with Øystein
-Illustrations for: childrens books, activity calender
Illustrations for other products:
-Øystein Bedsheets

I found a really awesome website about the gospels, how they were written, different perspectives and all kinds of good stuff. So many Christian books, programs, conferences and teaching are about the "spiritual" things (nothing against that), but this is stuff I NEED.
Chris came with a really good vision statement: Drawings that tell about Jesus. That are three things I want my work to be about: Drawing, Stories anf Jesus.

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