Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a day to be sleeping

Hey, I hope you guys had a good Easter with your family and friends.
I have actually been quite sick, my skin has been bad again. I have slept lots and lots and still I am tired. Today I almost slept the whole day, it seems to have done good to my skin, it is getting better little by little.
I hope I will have enough energy to be working next week, it does not seem to be very hard work, just that I have the early shifts.

I am currently working on the third page of the story of Jairus daughter and the sick woman, this has also been a good challenging project to work at, both to write and draw the story. I have only just begun.
This quick drawing is a little resurrection-joke, here is some more info about the original "Kilroy was here".

In our region we have the tradition to eat boiled eggs on easter-evening, just boiled eggs. Families come together and there will be big baskets of eggs on the table. This year I had about five eggs, I think my personal record is somewhere around fourteen. This tradition must be an old Germanic one, where eggs were considered fertility symbols...

Ok, here in Holland we a second easter-day, which counts as a day-off.

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