Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Escape from Holland

Well, that sounds bad...

But that is how it feels to me, things have been getting too much for me here in Holland. I just do not have the strength to make it during the week. Last Monday I totally collapsed after I came back from the doctor, pills and salve have not been helping enough to keep me up these last weeks.

I tried to change jobs, I have been working one and a half day at a tirewholesale company. On friday the people from the employment agency were thinking of me and were wondering if I had enough work to do, because there was very little work in the cheesery I had been working. I even was scheduled out for this whole week. So I was very positively surprised when they called to offer me another job at the tires.

I am someone that tries and tries, but it is clear that this time it just won't do. So, I have booked a flight back to the north of Norway on tuesday the 29th of April, instead of later in May.

At Borgen I will get well soon and will be working with fundraising from there. It really is a forced choice, even when it is a good solution, and there is no other way, it just doesn't feel right. I just cannot feel totally happy about it. I know and am immensly thankful that God is still in controll even when I do not understand and it does not feel like it, we will see the good of it at one point.

Now I am wrapping up the last things and am getting ready for my escape. Lots of e-mails and stuff that has to be arranged. I will be back in Holland in August for my mums birthday, and I really could not have made it though this without her, thanks ma!

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