Saturday, May 3, 2008

How to get free coffee on a SAS flight


I made it back up north, and have settled into a single room in the dorm here at Borgen.

I have been sleeping a lot, even when it does not get dark at night anymore. I went to lie down around 20:00 and got up around 13:00. Now very slowly my skin is getting better. The prednison had made my skin very thin, and that has to heal now aswell.

It was a very interesting day of travel on the 29th. We left Gramsbergen around 07:00 and already the two hour trip to the airport really tired me out. My flight to Olso was the worst I ever had, to have to sit still in one chair for such a long time.

At the airport of Oslo I called Chris and he rode down on his bike to meet me there. I had enough time before my flight to the north. I was not sure if it would be a good idea to meet up in my bad condition when I still had to take one flight. Besides getting back up north, it was the best thing that happened that day. We had a great talk and it totally put my mind of all the negative things, Thanks Chris!

I nearly missed my flight to Tromsø because we had such a good talk, they delayed the plane for me for 10 minutes so I could got aboard... oof. When a flight gets delayed, tea and coffee is for free. Also they send an SMS to everyone about the delayment.

After we landed in Tromsø, everyone switched their phones back on and got a message about the delay I helped cause... So I won't complain the next time one of my flights gets delayed.

Just before I left I ordered some nice comic-books about Jerusalem around Jesus time and one about the clothings the different peoplegroups wore in that time. The books arrived the day after I did and will be very helpful. The creators are not Christian, but find it helpfull to see things from different perspectives. Right now I am not gonna do a lot of drawing, I am still quite tired.

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