Wednesday, May 21, 2008

oranges... they even look poisonous

Jeps, here we are again, and now my skin is doing much better. It is not as red anymore, much more pink much better. In the last week I got problems with my skin again, something I did not think would happen while being here in Norway.

So, I had to take it easy again, and just a few days ago I found out that I DO have an food allergy for oranges. Even after I got it tested in the hospital in Holland, with a negative result. And lots of people that know me, also know that I use to eat a two oranges every day. I have done this for about ten years, about as long as I have had problems with my skin!!!

While back in Holland I stopped eating oranges for a while on advice of some friends, and my problems got less. When I got back to Norway I was eating them oranges again, they are the cheapest fruits you can get here in this arctic village.

Well, I have been doing much better since. Also i have gotten some help with fundraising and that has gone up aswell. I sent the first two support request letters today.

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