Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I study tigers and aliens, how about you?

Ålright, what do you want to hear first...

Hmm, my fundraising has been going a little slower than before. For one part I blame it on the the European Soccer Championship. It's just not decent to call people during the games, but I figure them probly to be home right before the games. Another reason is that I have slowly ran out of adresses, I have a list of people I want to send letters to, but no adress or phone number. Writing and calling is such an effective way. To call out from this place is quite cheap, because we have IP-phone which uses the internet.

My facial expression studies from last week have given me the next results: Calvin the boy has a big imagination and his emotions are changing a lot as he get excited about his own ideas, frustrated at his parents and sad about a dead squirrel.
Hobbes the tiger is wondering about what Calvin is doing most of the time, but he is also sympathizing with Calvin or disgusted by what he comes up with.

Here is a little simple illustration of Chris wondering what Øystein is talking about, Hehe, I have seen Chris "plucking" his beard when he is thinking or wondering. Also assymetry (like the right foot that is turned) can be used to show uncertainty. There is more to character than just facial expressions.

Another thing I found out is that both Hobbes and Calvin's parents are used by Waterson (the creator) to provide a view on Calvin's actions. This is actually a very basic thing in comics and movies. In one books (or movie-commentary) it said: "if you want the reader to experience something, you have to do it through the character."

Now that you saw that I did my homework, you can do yours and wonder what I can do with them, hahaha. The creature Stitch from Disney's "Lilo and Stitch" is talking very little but instead using a lot of facial expression and body language. Very interesting to study him, also because he has kinda the same proportions as Øystein. I get to watch him on Disney Channel one episode every day, oh joy!

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