Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monkey drawings

Here are a few drawing I made, they are copies/renderings of Abu the little monkey from the Disney movie Aladdin, which I have on DVD now. I kninda like them, his limbs are much thinner than I have drawn before. He does not look so stuffed. On the other hand, the drawing with the sword is absolutely not like Øystein, but it came out quite nice.
Last week we had a camp at Borgen, called a InTouch Camp, it was for everyone who had some connection with YWAM, and anyone else. In the morning we heard Al and Carolyn Akimoff share some of their stories, they are oldtime YWAM'ers. In the afternoon I was working with drawing and things, the camp people went on hikes around the area. In the evening there was social time. I hoped it would be a bit of a holiday for me, but still I was busy all the time ):
I felt I kinda shoulod have a holiday,
since everyone seemed to have one.

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