Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moving time again

Heeyho, that went fast!

Next week already I will leave this place again, move another time. It has been very good for me to be back here for a whail. Yeah, this is one of the places I call "home". Or maybe "home" is just a feeling you get at certain places. Wow, what an idea or a new comic... Hmm, this last time I just had too many good idea's, and too little time to get them all on paper and other places. I thought about how to draw someone that is like a cyclone, always stroming everywhere, but with a quiet in his/her eyes. Nice contrast.

Well, one thing I did work at is a comic about how I started drawing comics a year ago, that has been fun a I spent a few days on it now. One thing I learned is that it is very important to plan my work well. I was not happy with some of the first drawings, so I was changing and changing, and that takes time. Also the lectures about animation that I found here were a lot about planning. It is not just to make good drawings, there are so many things more.

but, I'd like to get some feedback on what you think of this page, please

With one week left here, I started packing and do the last fundraising work. I had dropped out that a little during the camp, but now things are going really good, and really soon I will have the monthly support that I need. Just a little bit more! It is amazing that it has got this far, all thanks to our faithfull God. It will be such a relief that I don't have to worry about finances anymore.

Ok, next post will prolly be from Holland, I am going there for my mothers 50'th birthday.

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