Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sticky Note Week Summary

Here's a little summary of what I have been doing in the last while. I started to use sticky notes to do my sketching on. The table has been full of these things in it the last week, all sitting there curled up. The rubbish bin is only two meters away, so I can dispose of them with a single throw.

First note: I was in Tromsø at a family conference called OASE, I was helping Chris and his team a bit there with the childrens work. I was put in the role of "fastest drawer of Norway", and was wearing these bigbig goggles.
Chris would introduce me and I would come running upon the stage, the kids would count down form 10, and I would make two or three simple drawings really fast and run off the stage again.
It was very nice to be the guys again, and to do ministry again after being sick for half a year.

Second note: I have been painting someone's house this week, horizonal and vertical painting as you can see. The horizontal painting was on top of the appartments, I was standing on the roof.

Third note: I like to bake pancakes, and have been doing that in the weekend now. There was a Mission Adventures camp at the base, and they had not been drinking all their milk. So, I bought some of it from them so I could do some baking,
bread and pancakes.

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