Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy Busy Drawing


Yeah, now after we have back from Molde the "normal" workweeks have started. I have been drawing much in the lastr days. Every day everyone that works here meets in the livingroom to start the day with prayer and worship. The different department share what they are working with, we also pray weekly for the missionairies that YWAM has sent out from Norway. This is from 08:15 til 09:00, Breakfast is at 07:00. At 09:15 we start our work with the team in our office, discussing what to do, what we have done and how we are doing. Lunch is from 12:00 till 12:45 and our workday ends at 16:00. Dinner is then served around 16:15.

Often there are things to do in the evenings, like sports. Many evenings I have been drawing behind my desk. I have never been drawing so much before, and I am really enjoying it. I find so many things to learn and I am happy that I get the time to do so.

Right now I am working at
series of six drawings that will come on the office wall. The project after that is to make a big treasure island map that we use for a game when we have a show. Today after work I made this "comic" about a e-mail we got from one Norwegian child. There are lots and lots of kids that lidten to the Øystein CD in the car or before bedtime.

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