Sunday, September 21, 2008

A good teamtime in Molde

Last weekend we have been in Molde and Fræna, two places at the westcoast of Norway. It took us a few hours to get there with all the equipment we needed for the shows. Already before we left I had blisters under my feet that made walking painful. These blisters gave me a lot of trouble during our stay there.

We were received with a warm welcome and someone borrowed us their home to stay in while we were there and they were gone. The first day we were there we split into two teams to invite people to the show we were having later that day. For that show in one of the churches in Molde, about 250 people turned up and of them a lot of children. Unfortunately we were totally out of Øystein CD's. On these CD's Chris and his puppet Øystein are telling about Jesus. We hear lot of stories from children that listen to these CD's every night.

The second day we had the same show in a church in Fræna, also they had a bouncy caslte and some other stuff. Also here came a lot of people. Because my feet hurt so much I couldn't do much for the shows and often had to sit back.

This was our first teamtrip with the new team and everyone thought it went really well. We had lots of fun and we really worked together, despite having been together only for a few weeks. I think one reason for the good cooperation is that we have spent so much time working together to repaint our office. Now it is finished and it looks very nice. I got my very own drawing table, I am very happy with that one.

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