Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bearded Woman

Hey, another exciting week here behind my drawing table. The Paperairplane-plane had to wait a bit because now I had to work on the childrens pages we are going to make for the YWAM magazine. I am working on a big cluttery Øystein room, where I have hidden lots of carrots. Øystein likes carrots. He also likes to make paper airplanes, but he's not that good, so there are a lot of crumpted paperballs. I showed this here drawing to some children this weekend, they liked it but at some places theyt we confused by the lack of depth. I really like to make these kind of puzzles.

This weekend I was reading a very interesting comic book. It is called Castle Waiting and it's Linda Medley (yes, a woman). It's quite feministic, it has lots of bits of Gimms fairytales, and creatures like Arthur Rackham drew them. Instead of a exiting plot, this story is more about a community (the castle), so there isn't happening very much but still I think it is a nice story to read. Or to say it in another way, a nice world to be in. I am not such a people person, and rather task-oriented. But I learned some weeks ago that other people like to have and create a feeling of togetherness and community, my collegue Svein Ola is like that, he is a really nice guy. This is a typical book for those kind of people. Also, a large part of the book deals about bearded woman, I was a funny experience to be looking at these characters for 100+ pages. I think she really did a great job of making the faces look female despite the beards. It even got me to think about womans position in society.

Next weekend we are going to do a show in Skjeberg. And two students from the DTS will join our team this time.

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