Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I feel like hugging my team-member more often

Whoo, time is fun when you are having flies! And today the first snow came at 09:30 in the moring, now there is a layer of 5 cm and a snowman.

Yeah, first of all, thank you for all the birthdaywishes, I had a really great day. Some time before dinner I though to myself that I wanted to do this day again tomorrow. But the next day our team went to Sweden for some team training, and that was fun too.

We were in Borås in the south of Sweden and we visiting the Family Wahl. They are part of Kings Kids Scandinavia, and they arranged a teambuilding weekend for us in the Swedish outdoors. (For those who know what a NIKO program is, Lars Gunnar had just come back from Canada where he was part of the very first NIKO level 3!) They had a lot of teambuilding challenges for us in the dark and indoors and outside and in the rain. We have been rock climbing, jumping down six meters from a tree, cooking over a very smoky fire, sleeping outdoors and pathfinding without a map. And we were eating ants.

Everyone thought we did very well during the team training and everyone felt we are much better friends now, I feel like hugging my fellow team-members more often. As a part of the team training we had to participate in a kids meeting, that had been organised on Sunday afternoon. We gave out invitations and went around on stilts and a unicycle inviting the kids from the neighborhood. There came around 20 kids and they were all from Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria and such countries, and one from Sweden. We sang songs, had some teaching and did games. It was wonderfull to see the kids crawling around the whole house, we were in someone appartment. The neighbour Hassan from Iraq helped out for grill the sausages for us, and he also made two cakes, one green and one pink. Even when he was Muslim he helped a lot with the teaching, giving really good andwers to the questions we asked the kids.

Another reason we visited the Wahl family is to talk about a school/course we are going to take with our team. The school is called PCYM which stands for Principles of Children and Youth Ministry. This school teaches lots of things about childrens work, and I hope to get a bigger heart for kids by doing this school. I hope to find better ways to reach children with my drawings. This school is special in this way that it is divided in 4 parts, the first part will be in January-February next year. Then there will be three more parts in March-April, June and August-September. The first part will be here in Norway at Grimerud, the second and third part will be in Holland! and the fourth they don't know yet.

In two days it will be Halloween, and lots of people in Norway aren't happy with that. (supposedly 64%) So one church in Hamar is organising a thing called HalloVenn which is Norwegian for "Hello Friend". We will participate with that with our team and my job is to facepaint a few hundred kids!!! More about this next time.

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