Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Martin the Movie Man

Today I will tell a little bit about one of my collegues. I will tell about Martin Bratgjerd, who is from Norway. He works in our team as a Video-producer. In his free time he likes to watch movies and make paper airplanes.

Here is the movie that Martin my collegue made about our team trip to Molde.
Oh, the movie is in Norwegian and I am in this movie only for a few seconds. In a few week we will have another teamtrip to Skjeberg, where we will also do a show, I am expecting that Martin will be filming again. I'll let you in on that movie when it's ready. Today Martin has been working on a guitar instruction movie, that he is making together with Chris.

I am finished with my part for the "Blue Wall" project. Soon it will be on our office wall. My new project is lots of fun, I am making a map about Treasure Island! This map we will use for a game for our shows. I have only been sketching, but here is a little taste of what is going to be on it.

The weather is still very nice, and last night the temperature was below zero. Often I go for walks or bikerides after dinner, the autumn colors are very beautifull in this part of Norway, specially the birches and maples. I don't have a bike of my own, but am borrowing one from Martin. I hope I can have my own bike soon, I am too Dutch not to be cycling.


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