Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Thousand CD's given out

Yay, after last week I made a final version of the Treasure Island. To be honest, I was not really satisfied with it when I was done with the inking (the lines). But after I had been coloring it, it looked a lot better. Still I am not really happy with it, but it will do, specially compared to the first one. I added a little version of the final colored version. I was a little surprised about how good the colors came out, I might be a better painter then I thought.

Here are the English names for what is on the map:
Tegne Hula = Drawing Cave
Papirfly Fly = Paper Airplane Plane
Gulrotis Toppen = Carrot Icecream Top
Gulrot Øya = Carrot Island
Øysteins Skattekiste = Øysteins Treasurechest
Kjøleskaps Fjell = Fridge Mountain
Matte Skogen = Math Forest
Gulrot Kompassen = Carrot Compass

This picture is part of a game, where the kids can answer questons, and who answers fastest can choose one of the places on the map, and these places have are worth a different few thousand points. It's hard to explain it like that.

Last Saturday we were at Norways biggest bookfair, we were at the stand of YWAM's publishing house. We handed out two thousand Øystein CD's at the stand and going around at the fair, mostly to non-christians! Very Nice! Pray with us that the kids and families that got a CD will listen to it lots of times and will begin to believe, read their bible and pray.

We got a e-mail last friday from one boy that became a christian through listening to the Øystein CD. Then when he saw his parents argueing, he said to his mother: Mamma, now you have to forgive Pappa. Some time after that the parents asked the boy to take them to his church. After a few services they also became christians. Now they are active members of that church!

Pray with us that those two thousand CD's we handed out will have the same effect as with this family.

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