Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chieldfriendly Surrealism

Yes, we really had a very good time at HalloVenn. There we about 400 kids, and I had the busiest time doing facepainting them for two hours. I was facepainting fogether with Barbara and Miuky and together we didn't have time to have a break. Oh, and I was dressed out as a lumberjack.

Today me and Miuky finished our first big project, the childrens pages we are making for the YWAM magazine. The deadline was today, and I was finished with my stuff on monday. It felt such a relief that we were done so fast and that it went so well. In the afternoon we had teamtime and after that I felt I could do whatever, so I was looking a bit online for inspiration for the next pages and the posters we are going to make.

I checked out one Swedish illustrator called Sven Nordqvist who you might know from "Pettson and Findus", a series of childrens books about an old man and his energetic cat. I really like his style and the lots of crazy things like creatures and houses that he puts into his drawings. Somewhere someone called his work Childfriendly Surrealism, I quite liked that term. I think I want to try do the same. And that is what I hope to learn also in the PCYM school that we are going to do. I want to be able to tell stories with good pictures that children can understand.

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