Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quiet Time

Yeah, Christmas is coming and already most of the people in our office have left, tomorrow it will be Me and Martin left. I actually like that our office is so quiet, I always like it when it's quiet. Except the new album of Becoming The Archetype, I like it that it's not quiet.

In these quiet times I still have the same thing on my desk. But ink is done and dry, I have been coloring my 25x25 cm drawing. I really enjoyed making the big picture, even thought I didn't have a feeling of what it was gonna turn up like. Here's a finished bit that will prolly disappear under a textbox. I experimented a bit with the snow-covered trees. It's so beautifall outside these days. Specially when I am done with my lunch in our noisy dining hall, and step back into the crispy cold which is so quiet. Did I tell you I like things quiet?

This last week we had Angel-Week, which meant that everyone pulled a name out of a hat and had to secretly do something nice to that person, without that person finding out. Referring to angels being messengers from God that often remain unseen. I hope they won't come up with a Demon-Week. I made a whole bucket of gingerbread animals for the person on my note. He is from Australia, so I made lots of Koala's and Kangaroos. That was lots of fun, and when I had some dough left I also made gingerbread names for the people that were currently in the house. In the end I only had one little clump left, and made myself a small smiley.

Tomorrow we will make and decorate a traditional gingerbread house with the DTS-students and the base-kids. I am the one responsible to make the house, I got some good ideas :)

Last Friday I went to a childrens club in the free-church in Hamar, where I helped with their Christmas club. They had asked me to do a game and share something. I did a gingerbread-relay game, which was a lot of noise, but also very fun. After that I told htem about the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and how it is like the life of Moses. I used drawings to illustrate both their stories. I did not try to teach them something, but rather tell about this mans life, I used one of his poems as a guideline of the story. Later there was a youth meeting in the same church, and I shared from another of his poems there.

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