Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. Pharao

Hello back,

Yes, we just had the first few schooldays of the PCYM. And already I am happy to have joined the school. We had Peter Reusser teaching from YWAM Switzerland. Today he was teaching about the spiritual potential of children, and how the church and the world and Satan look at children.

At one point Peter asked us to close our eyes for a while, so he had some time to dress up like a Egyptian Pharao, from the time before th e Exodus. Then with these clothes on he asked us in the class (as his advisors) what would have him do with the Israelites that were a growing people group in his counrty. That was fun, and also really made me think of what I would answer.

Now that we are in the school our daily schedule looks a lot different, but not too busy. I can easily get too busy and forget to spend time with God. I told the other students about the goals I have with the school, and they were all very inspired. It is very good to meet people from other countries and see what they are doing. The transition to the drawings and visual I have to make myself besides the regular lessons, but I think it's working out.

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Doug said...

Lovely illustrations you have! You are very talented and enjoy the Christian messages you convey! I'm always on the look out for other Christian artists. God bless you and your God-given talent!