Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Biggest Drawing Yet

Here is the finished drawing, can you find all the things that the kids are experiencing with their senses. This is the biggest drawing I have ever made, but I will make bigger ones even yet. It took me two days to do the lines, then about a whole week to color it, I was very unsure about what colors I was going to use.

Yet, otherwise, I had a good time during Christmas with my family in Holland. My luggage got lost on the way, but nothing important, the flight company brought it to me home a few days after. I could not help but work a little bit during the holiday, it is just such so nice to be able to draw so wonderful things. I think I am becoming like my father, he is also alot busy with his work and hobbies.

Newyears has been good for me aswell, there were around 180 teenagers here at Grimerud, and we had a Newyears celebration together. The whole things was in Norwegian, and I did my best to translate simultaniously for some people that could not understand Norwegian.

Now, I am looking forward to the new year and, all the great possibilities that it has for me, I know it will be a very exciting year!

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