Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Murals for Missions

TEMPORAL : The Art of Stephan Doitschinoff (aka Calma)

Hey, I was very inspired by the idea of this video,
and also this guy and this guy have been out and about with a spraycan in the world. I don't agree alot with their message and ethics and ideas, but look what a nice and lasting way to leave a positive message. There are enough bad messages out there. I can picture myself doing this kind of stuff some place for a while. Art with a Mission or whatever you want to name it, for me Jesus is the name that I want out on the walls and doorposts of the world. That's the most important commandment.

I just got to hear the planning for the next half year, I might want to do something like this during the summer. Now my Calender is updated for a good while, I am happy to be in Holland twice this year, and also in Wiler, Switzerland, I'ver been there before.

Yes the PCYM is beginning for us in a few weeks, we got the first information on it and what-to-bring list and stuff. So, ummm, PCYM stands for Principles of Children and Youth Ministry. And with that school I hope to learn how to draw for, and with children.

Draw for Children,
to reach them with the message and values of Christ.
Draw with Children,
to disciple them in being creative messengers themselves.

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