Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Chickens

Ok, this is the very first digital drawing I made with my new work computer. Yes, now I have MacBook Pro, with CS4! That´s nice. Photoshop I can do a little. But Illustrator and InDesign I still have to learn lots about. Here are some drawings of chickens that we are maybe are going to use for our Easter Camp.

We should not read our bible like a chicken, just picking here and there, the bits we like. Also we should not read like a tractor, where we plow our way through the bible. But, we should read like a cow, where we read a bit and then chew on it before we read on. My bible-reading habits are somewhere in b
etween a tractor and a cow.

I was very encouraged to have found this blog about comic tools, so when I biked to town today I bought some more brushes and some brush cleaner (which looks like troll-drool)

We started working on the new children's pages for the YWAM Magazine Mot Målet. We are still talking about who and how God is, this time we will talk about that God is Holy, and what that means. As our "procedure" of making these pages, everyone in the team will do a bible study or topic study. I really discovered something new about Gods holiness, but we haven´t agreed on a way how to explain this to children. The good thing with the study is that I first look what it means for me, so I can teach the children from my personal belief instead of a book.

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