Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More farm drawings

In a few days I will be back in Holland for a few weeks, two weeks. We will have our second block of the PCYM school, learning about children and youth work. We booked our flights with Ryanair, and by now we are kinda regretting it. For some reason I have been the one arranging the trip and booking the tickets.

Yes I am looking forward to be back in Holland for a bit, see my family and show my friends some of my country. We leave on saturday morning really early, and before that we have to be done with our next children's pages. As I mentioned before, it will be about Gods holiness, and we have things down now. We also got great response on our last children's pages. I had some time left and did a few more drawings for the eastercamp that is coming up.

These drawings are about how to read your bible and how to not read your bible, If you read like a tractor, and just zoooof your way through the bible, you might end up with some very poor results. If you read like a chicken and peck here and there only the bits your like, you can end up a bit stressed when you lose perspective on things of life. Reading like a cow is the thing I recommend, read regularly and chew on what you read.

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