Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PCYM block 3

Heya, time flies, and after being very busy with my work (actually after finishing all my work) I give you a bit of a update of since the last post. Yeah, so, a whole new edition of children´s pages is ready. This time about Gods greatness, about all kinds of things that God can do. Where it comes down to is that God can do anything he wants to do. And some things he really wants to do, and some things not really. Well, here is a about two weeks of work.

Yeah, and the third block of the S-PCYM school is approaching, next week. I will fly back to Holland tomorrow and spend some time with my friends and parents before I begin with the school. I´m looking forward to this bit, it is about child development, what a child needs at what age and what it understands. I hope to be able to learn a lot here about how to make visual material for children.

In the meantime we finished the 2nd Øystein CD! finally Chris got all the songs and conversations in and the thing will be mixed and mastered in these days. We will order thousands of these CD´s, for everyone that has signed up to get one.

Last weekend we went on our first tour for this summer. With most of our team we drove down to Kristiansand where we were at the Pinsefestivalen, we had the main stage did teaching devotion seminar songs and were hanging out with people. Kristiansand is at the south tip of Norway and a good six hour drive. On our way to the festival we got stuck in the hot traffic in Oslo. :(

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