Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summertouring one

Yes, it is summer in Norway and we are going around to hand out the new Øystein CD at different festivals and conferences.

We have been at some big meetings already and will drive off to two more.

The last one was an experience of a lifetime, I was dancing on the main stage of Skjærgårds music and missions festival in front of 3000 people, it comes with my job as illustrator here. I walked around on "jumping shoes" that are flexible stilts that were strapped to my legs. it added about 30 cm to my 190 cm of Dutch tallness, I got a lot of attention and got to hand out lot of the new CD´s that we made with the Øystein project.

This CD is about how to live your every day for God, from when you wake up

till you goto bed. I was very encouraged to hand out so many of these CD, and think that kids and families will listen to it and hopefully start to live for God more.

I really like the idea that these CD´s will be handed out through private persons, that the people that got the CD´s from us will give it to their sunday schools, children´s choirs and even orphanges. I ask the people if they can think of some children that they can give the CD to, in their family, in their church in their street. Then they come up with a few, then I give about a double amount and ask them to let these children give one to a friend.

Yeah, after next week I have planned to be drawing a lot, prolly a story about myself, how I got here and where I will be going. A good chance is that I will be pioneering a new children´s magazine that is aiming not just to give children good input, but really want to change their lives. That is a great thing and a big challenge, where I do not see how thing will go and happen. But really, with these things I have to trust God. If I do this, it means staying in Norway long time, something I hadn´t planned yet.

If you are the praying type, can you please pray for that?

Tomorrow we leave and thursday I will be on live TV, dancing!

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