Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer holiday is over, back to the small things

Yes, I had a very good time at the GoFest, which is the summer conference of YWAM here in Norway. Because I work with the children´s ministry, we also got to do some children´s work this year at the conference. Two times two hours with 11 to 13 year olds. Our project leader was sick, so we were planning and doing the things without him, which was a bit different, but very good and the children were happy and also the parents.

I have never been such a conference person, but now after having been in YWAM Norway for four years I finally liked to be there and knew enough people to hang out with. We had the option to sleep in a tent, but I thanked for that, instead I slept in a sleeping hall, with a lot of other guys. The first evening after we arrived there, we went to the skerries to listen to stories and eat shrimps.

Eating shrimps is a Norwegian tradition, where you peal the shrimps yourself and eat them with white bread and mayonnaise. I don´t like any of those ingredients, and night my nose was running and my stomach was aching.

This is a birthday card I made for my mother before I left for the summer conference, my parent collect small elephant statues.

During the summer I have been asking God about what I should do after next summer. God answers prayers for real, just this story is not the best example of that you get your answers fast. I have been praying and thinking, I have been thinking of settling in Norway for a undefined time. Again just like about two years ago, I want to go were God wants me to be and doing his work. I am happy to stay in Norway, and happy to be traveling to other countries. And staying in Norway means that I am far away from my family in Holland.

Well in the end, I believe God spoke to me, though another person. The eventual message was that he knows me and sees me and that I should should focus on the small things and I eventually will see the big picture.

I have really been thinking and worrying about if and how I want to work with the children´s magazine that we want to make for Norwegian children. Now we just make two children´s pages in the existing YWAM magazine, and I had some idea´s of things I wanted to do with that magazine.

Now I have a lot more peace to do the things I am doing, and I have the solid faith that God will show me how things will be when the time is there.

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