Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A family visit

My family has come to visit me at my the YWAM base I work at, they have been here from the 21st to the 26st of October. Right in this time we also had our annual Home Days, in which we have been reviewing how things are going here at the base.

It was very nice to have my family visiting to celebrate my birthday and show them where I live and work. I had birthday last friday, and that day there was a big dinner with about 100 people because of the Home Days. The party was already arranged, so I did not have to do this for the people.

In the weekend after I was just spending time with my family, we did not go to visit many places, we went for walks and enjoyed the surrounding for what they were. Still the autumn colors were very nice.

Now I am back at work again, and we hope to be done with the pages about paradise. We have now made up our minds about how we want the layout to be, and there is lots of drawing to do now. I hope I will be in time with everything.

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