Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kerst verhaaltje 1 / Christmas Story 1

Afgelopen weekend heb ik deze tekeningen gemaakt voor een kerstverhaaltje.
Ik heb vorige week niet kunnen posten om dat ik in Zweden was, zonder computer.
Ik hoop dat deze tekeningen het gemis wat goed kan maken.

I have been making this series of drawings over the weekend, it is for a Christmas tale.
I was not able to post something last week, I was without computer in Sweden.
I hope these drawings are enough to make up the loss.

The story is about an old christmas carol that is almost forgotten.
It asks everyone it meets if they want to sing him.
The finch did not want to sing the old christmas carol,
it would only sing a spring-tune.

The business-man could not spare the time to sing the old christmas carol.
He had holiday-sales on his mind,
and one hand on his wig.

The lady was way to busy to sing the old christmas carol.

The poet thought the old christmas carol was just too much rythm and rime,
nothing for a poet of his kind.

The old woman and the little child would gladly sing the old christmas carol,
the woman remembered she learned the carol from her grandmother when she was only a child.

Volgende week komt er een ander kerst-verhaal.

Another Christmas Story is coming next week.

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