Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Øysteins bilturoverlevelsesblad 2011

Hier istie, het Øystein-kinderblad voor deze zomer. We hebben er 20.000 van besteld en vorige week zijn ze allemaal gekomen. Beneden op de foto zie je mij (rechts) en Chris (links) voor twee van de drie pallets met bladen. Chris zal de bladen op verschillende festivalen en conferenties uitdelen. Het zijn voor het meest christelijke familie-festivalen.

Laat ons even weten wat jullie van het blad vinden.

Over here is a digital version of the Øystein magazine, 20.000 printed copies have arrived last week. Down here is a picture of when Chris (to the left) and me (to the right) went to check them out. Now are the magazine still stacked in these three pallets, but soon Chris and his team will be handing them out on different conferences and festivals.

We would like to hear from you what you think of the magazine.

Look, two pallets of Øystein-magazines, with the two satisfied and smiling creators.


Helen Wilson said...

You are amazing Jan Willem! What awesome illustrations!

Helen W

Jan Willem Middag said...

Thank you Helen, I am planning to continue working with Illustration and graphic design with YWAM Norway for a while. This is the magazine we started planning when I visited you in Sweden for one and a half year ago.