Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Een nachtelijke roeier / A nocturnal rower

If the thief would come by daylight,
everyone would see him coming.

Omdat ik erg gewend ben kleurrijk, kindervriendelijke en levenigde tekeningen te maken, was het erg wennen voor mij om deze nachtelijke plaat te maken. Ik denk dat het deels is dat ik mezelf wilde bewijzen dat ik het kon. Maarr ik ben wel tevreden met de atmosfeer van de plaat. Een verhaal word gelijk spannender wanneer het zich ´s nachts afspeeld.

Voor het kleurgebruik heb ik me laten inspireren door de sprookjesplaten van Edmund Dulac, vooral de Rubaiyat. Uiteindelijk heb ik het meest van deze plaat afgekeken. Wat ik zo mooi vind met Dulac, is dat hij zijn platen zoveel laat glimmeren en fonkelen.

Een paar dagen geleden nog snel even een verjaardagskaart, het voelde lekker om weer om met levendige kleuren te werken.

I very regularly used bright and vivid colors. And this is a night-piece. It took some effort to stick with the darker nightly colors. I ended up doing this partly to prove myself (or someone else) that I could color a dark piece. But it felt like I sometimes had to go "against myself". But there is a certain excitement with a story at night time.

From the beginning I wanted the colors to look like one of Edmund Dulac´s fairytale paintings. I specially like the atmosphere of the Rubaiyat series for this one. I ended up using a lot of the colors from this painting. I really like the sparkle of gems that Dulac puts in most of his paintings.

Then a few days ago I drew someone a birthday card, and it was an enjoyment and relief to be able to use bright and vivid colors again.

Listening to: We came as Romans


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, was he going home? or was he going to kidnap his girlfriend? and elope?

Jan Willem Middag said...

Thank you, The piece is meant to show 1 Thesselonians 5:1-5, where Paul writes that the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. And that you would see the thief coming if it was light as day. I wouldn´t say that that comes across very clearly.

I had to check up what the "elope" meant. I like the fact that you are finding your own story in the piece. (Was it the roses and the fox-figure?) And I like the story that you have come with. It does really brings a funky twist to the original idea for the drawing.
Heaven is compared with a wedding-feast. I believe that there will be a many very surprised people that find out that they are going to be part of that party.

I like the suddenty and the intensity of passion that the elopement brings to the story. I like your story. :)