Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holiday at Hippolythushoef

This is me on my 30th birthday, together with my 1+ year old nephew Ties.
He was happy to see me, but a bit scared of the beard I think.

On the first of January many crazy Dutchies make a "newyears-dive",
This what as far as I got for my new fourth decade.

Very dandy Dutch dike-sheep. They keep them on the dikes to graze the grass.

Many of the farms and the houses have traditional thatched roofs.
The roofs are very high, and the doors and windows are quite small.
This farm has a little extra chimney for the farmgnomes.

Sorry, no fantastic drawings this week. I am celebrating my thirtyeth birthday with my friends and family in the Netherlands. Here are some photo's from last weekend. We rented a place in Hippolythushoef with my family. See you back in Norway next week.

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