Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spike Comic (4H project)

Even kort in het Nederlands: Dit is het resultaat van een tekenpjoject wat ik het afgelopen half jaar met Emil (13) gedaan heb. Voor een 4H-project wilde hij leren om strips te tekenen. Om de andere week hebben we aan een stripverhaaltje gewerkt. Hier is mijn versie van het stripverhaal, en een kleine inblik in hoe we de strip gemaakt hebben.

Looky, that´s a fun 4-page comic, with a little bit of how I made it. This is the final result of a project I have done together with Emil (13), who lives in nearby Stange.
Emil is very good at drawing, and for his 4H project, he wanted to learn how to draw a comic. For the last half year, we have been meeting about every other week and went through most of the process of how I would make a comic:
  • Write a good enough story and characters.
  • Make sketches of how we want to divide the story over four pages, I think we used a lot of time on how to do good page-layout. I think this a very important part of telling a story as a comic.
  • Because Emil likes Manga, we got into comparing Manga with other kinds of comics.
  • We drew the whole comic with pencils, and then everything with ink. It was the first time for Emil he worked with real ink and brush.
  • After all the inking, we continued to scan the drawings and cleaned the digital image from mistakes and smudges.
  • Then we used a lot of time on the digital coloring of the comic. This is a very time-consuming part of the process. Emil only managed to color one page.
  • In the end we made a cover page for the comic and talked about what makes a good cover. Then we prepared for the exhibition he is going to have at the end of this month.
If everything goes according to plan, I will be able to be there on that exhibition, and see the final result of our cooperation.
I have very much enjoyed it to be teaching him some of what I have learned, I see that he has improved a lot in his drawing-skills. In the end, this project has been taking more time then I thought, and I think it had been the same for him.
I think it´s valuable to teach other what I have learned so far, I myself have always appreciated when I was able to learn form others and when they would take their time for it.


Anonymous said...

vi digger deg. nå har Kaja kjøpt seg en bok til å tegne i:) slik som han der Jan Willem:)du inspirerer!!!

Jan Willem Middag said...

Jupp, jeg har lagd merke til at tegningene inpirerer, og jeg synes det er viktig aa laere bort. Skal bare finne ut hvor mye tid jeg tror jeg skal bruke paa hva.