Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Anatomy lesson of doctor Tulip remake process

At the end of the summer I was working on some report,
For the cover of the report I choose to remake one of Rembrandts paintings.
The painting is called: The anatomy lesson of doctor Tulip.
This is the final picture.

For this illustration I printed the painting on a piece of drawing paper.
But I printed it at a very low opacity, just visible enough.
This way I would know the proportions would be right, and I was able to work faster.
The is was just to draw the most important lines on the preprinted picture.
It´s important to get the faces right, faces are very telling.

When the pencil-lines were done, I inked the whole thing with a nib-pen.
Here you can see that the "subject of the lesson" has been swapped out with stacks of paper.

With a regular eraser, I was able to remove both the pencil-lines and the ink of the pre-printed image.
After this I scanned the ink-lines and colored it digitally, somewhat after the original painting.

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