Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kerstkaarten / Christmas Cards 2011

Det er stjernen som teller, du nissemannen.

für Dani, frohe weihnachten aus Norwegen!

Making christmas cards is so much fun,
much more fun than choosing christmas cards,
much more fun than buying christmas cards.

I could just do this all year long, it just doesn´t stop.
It is "sikkelig Julestemning" to think about your friends and come up with a picture for them. As an illustrator I guess I am part of making the "Julestemning" happen, so other people get in the mood.
I like the "nisser" in the Norwegian folklore and christmas-tradition, they are not as defined in Norwegian culture, compared to other cultures and stories. As an illustrator and a "storyteller" you can be very flexible with them. Much much more flexible than with Santa or with the story of Jesus birth (and that is christmas is about).

Still the birth and incarnation of Jesus is what christmas is about, even when it is not so easy  come up with a creative and fresh look for the that story. I want to stay true to the stories of the bible. But I think I have a really good idea for what my "big real" christmas card is going to look like for this year. Check in on my blog again next week.