Tuesday, December 13, 2011

YWAM Value nr. 18 Communicate with integrity

Yay, our organization has a new value!
Ok, that sounded a bit nerdy,
but I am very happy with this one.
(find the typo)
On the big YWAM.org site, you can find all the other foundational values of YWAM and what we stand for and believe in.

In the last years I have been working at the information department for YWAM Norway, and we do the YWAM Norway magazine and website, and much other printed materials, mostly promotion for schools, courses, seminars and events.
This our new value seems to be more about the importance of communication and how to do so. Maybe this one is meant for internal communication.
"YWAM has a decentralized structure … . We are currently operating in more than 1000 locations in over 180 countries, with a staff of over 18,000." (from YWAM.org)
Those are a lot of different countries and cultures.

With my pictures I want to "communicate well". I want to make sure that the ones seeing the pictures really gets the message, whether the picture is a part of telling the story, or wether the picture is there to give mood to the message.
I would rather want to make a "powerful" or "clear" picture, than one that will let people wonder what it is or means.
Another thing, I want my pictures to communicating well to the audiences that they are meant for. This last one has still been a great challenge for me, as I have not spent a lot of time on researching what these audiences like.

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