Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 24 and 25 January 2012

24. January: The kids are not doing so great.
Not in this area. There has been a big survey in a number of high-schools and many (one out of four) of the youth say that they have psychological problems (sleeplessness, depression, mobbing). In the last four years the number youth in psychiatric treatment (in Hedmark and Oppland) has gone up from 68 to 200.
Being young can me big turmoil, there are huge expectations coming at you. And that will only get more difficult to handle when you don´t have a safe and stable home.

Fathers needed!

25. Not a faded Prima Donna.
Today I have been going through boxes with of old photo´s, trying to look for the seventh father in the house (the oldest ones). YWAM started in Norway in 1972-ish. Most of the photo´s, negatives and reversal film slides I found were from the ´80 and ´90. I was very surprised to find a film slide from when the Grimerud farm burned down.

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