Monday, January 30, 2012

Drawing Diary: 28 and 29 January 2012

28 January: Where does my hope come from.
With a couple of people here, we had a talk about trusting God. Some had gone through tougher things than others, and had gotten a deeper trust in God. Somehow. Then the question came up of where their hope had come from in the tough times. For me, "it" has carried me, rather than that I have found it and held on to it.

29 January: Always talking with Jesus.
I was truly amazed to hear Tabea say that talking with Jesus has always been the most normal thing for her, ever since she heard her grandmother pray the same kind of prayers over and over. She, in turn, is very amazed that people can have a strong belief in God without finding it normal to talk with Him. And He is talking back.

After the last couple of days I thought I should "lighten up" and just draw a horse or something (I like to draw horses), and show that my life is not just a whole chain of deep heavy thoughts. Many things happen every day, and in the end I have to pick one to tell and remember.

These days again I was most impressed with the big ideas of hope and transcendence. Go figure, I work with a missions organization and spend most of my time with christians.

Even when I was at two meetings this weekend, the talks with people are the ones I want to remember.

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