Friday, February 3, 2012

Drawing Diary: 1 and 2 February 2012

1 February: Drawing Heads
My brother gave me some pepper on that I keep drawing "flatheads" all the time. I am not so good at figure drawing. So i practiced a bit with a mirror and Andrew Loomis books and Glen Keane drawings.
The one in the left-bottom corner is where I did a self-portrait not wearing my glasses.
You can see that it had been a long day today.

2 February: #18
For the last couple of days the internal mail system has been down and that has gravely hamstringed our communication. It´s been like a big horned troll that is clawing all our postal-owls out of the sky. For real.
Right now we have been doing social media messages, it leaves me feeling like a teenager.
The first month was quite a discovery, here are a couple of things I learned:

  • I have gotten more observant of all the things that happen in one day.
  • Often, the thing I want to remember, are things that I did not plan to happen.
  • The value of every day life should be shared personally, in conversations, rather than on a blog.
  • Doing this diary has gotten me to show my appreciation to people more often. Not that I am not thankful for them, I have a bad habit of not showing thankfulness and appreciation (This might be a Dutch thing).
  • I have gotten more excited for tomorrows (God is going to be there).

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