Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drawing Diary: 13 and 14 February 2012

13 February: Elias, Elias, why have you left me…
This is me and Enok Elias (1), He has been at Grimerud with his parents since this fall.
On wednesday they left for the mission-field in the middle-east.
I must have been a favorite uncle-figure for him, he would often call out for me as soon as he saw me.
I think a lot my "uncling" has been what I enjoyed the best with my father when I was little.

14 February: YWAM is a well-established missions-organization with thousands of volunteers worldwide. Margareta Magnus came through our office today, she was one of the first Norwegian YWAM-ers.
Anita asked her why she had joined a totally new and unknown organization (41 years ago).
For her it was that she had a clear call from God to do so.
I have to confess that part of the reason I am with is YWAM is their good reputation and who they have become, rather than just a call.
The online dictionaries I could find, tell me that the word "uncling" means un-cling, and that it does not have to do with being an uncle.
Yet, there are other websites (like theses) that say it is kind of like supplemental parenting.

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