Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drawing Diary: 19 and 20 February 2012

19 February: God does everything well, and the people look like trees.
In the train back from yesterday´s seminar, I sat with a friend that had been at a bachelorette party. We were very tired, and the conversation went very deep very fast. At one point she said something like: When God does something, he does it well, God does not make half work. I believe she is right in this. It is what I read in many many places in the Bible, Mark 8:22-26 seems to be a weird exception on this rule. Gods will and works  go far beyond my understanding.

20 February: Come people, come stories.
Today we finished one issue of YWAM Norway´s magazine Mot Målet, on my way back home, I went by the Grimerud-café, where there were lots of people, chatting and playing games. As I sat there for a few minutes, I thought that this was a great chance to hear some significant story for the drawing diary. It´s only where there are people there are stories, or not?

I am still in a bit of a swanny mood after this weekends seminar with the artsy-ladies.
Typically, the hours after I have finished and delivered some big creative project, my creative energy is still very focussed. It feels so nice and effective, that I feel I have to make something, doesn´t really matter what.
Today we sent another 44 page magazine to the printer, I spent the whole day making the tiniest little last corrections.

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