Monday, February 27, 2012

Drawing Diary: 25 and 26 February 2012

25 February: There is a lot cooking at the moment.
Busy, busy, busy. And I didn´t get to find something notable for today´s diary. Being the post-modern kid I am, I just blatantly copied a Morandi still-life, and added some vapor-lines. This to give you an idea of several tings cooking (get it). I am so boring when I´m tired. I think my brother is going to pepper me for this one.

26 February: Squeezed
Today was a quiet day, and most of it I spent away from people, I needed to be just by myself. I found the ClassicFM web-steam, which is very nice for a sunny sunday winter afternoon. Thursday´s post was quite a deep one, and I was still thinking about it, perhaps I should have written about that instead. It´s a lot to squeeze yourself everyday for something notable.
I think if I start the day with prayer and bible-reading again, there is a much bigger chance that I can tell you something good at the end of the day. Not so much for the sake of the diary, but for myself.

The Spongebob quote is taken from the episode: Artist Unknown.
Here is the transcript.

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