Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Drawing Diary: 27 and 28 February 2012

27 February: Why did Jesus go to the synagogue?
I always have the most interesting conversations with my friend Christina. She asks a lot of questions, and I like that very much. She works in a church, and she seems to break her pretty head over why people don´t go to church and how to get them to go. I believe Jesus liked to visit his small-town synagogue-service so He could worship His father together with the other believers.

28 February: 1000
For months I too have been working on this big summer-project. Mainly with the graphic part of promoting the event and keeping people informed. But I haven´t really cared so much wether we are actually going to get all 1000 people there, for me it has been just a "work-thing". But today I got convicted about not 100% caring wether the plans actually will happen. That is a very bad work-motivation. I pray to God for the right motivation and guidance, for me and for my co-workers.

If you like my quick T-shirt idea to the left, then you might as well like the Salvation Army shirts.
It would be so cool to make a couple of cool shirt-designs for my own church or for YWAM. Who´s with me?

This is the big summer-project (Norwegian) we are working towards.

The day after the big Oscar-day, ClassicFM was playing film-music the whole day.
Gabriel´s Oboe from The Mission is one of my favorite pieces of film-music.

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