Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Drawing Diary: 5 and 6 February 2012

5 February: Resistance and surrender.
After church I was reading Gerard Dekker´s book about Bonhoeffer. Everyone has a favorite theologian/philosopher, mine is Diettrich Bonhoeffer. After 67 years his books and letters are still very relevant for the church. And very relevant for my idea with doing this diary. 

6 February: I… do not have the talent of conversing with people.
After dinner I usually watch children´s TV with some of the kids at Grimerud. Today, it was BBC Pride and Prejudice was playing so we watched that instead. I like this series. The kids present (Elias and Elianna) did not keep up, and moved on to climbing the stairs and making mouth-plopping sounds.
I think, I end up with a blind spot for what I think is the most relevant for my life, and for society. Very much because I want it to be true and relevant.

Here is something for the ladies that want to find their Mr. Darcy today, I hope it helps.

Like Fitzwilliam, I too feel like I miss a talent to easily converse. Probably that is part of why I am doing this online diary, and use the talent that I do have to «conversing» with you all.

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