Sunday, February 12, 2012

Drawing Diary: 9 and 10 February 2012

9 February: Spoiled for the ordinary?
When I thought back on this evenings bible-group, it struck me how different everyone´s "christian life" is.
At times, Grimerud seems to be a place where we make it our job to engineer the best and most honest christian life. A very good intention. While my friends with regular honest jobs, seem to have enough work with to have a meaningful christian life at all. It all seems so paradoxical and relative.

10 February: Culturally religious experiences
With a couple of friends we were watch a DVD of a Gaither-concert, some of us really liked it, and kept on talking about it the whole weekend. Me, not so much. I find it always fascinating to see that masses of people that gather in churches or tents to join in these kind of very cultural religious experiences. I thought of my grandparents that were very devoted to the local church-choir.

This is my grandparents church and it´s organ playing a easter-hymn they most likely have sung with their choir.

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