Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Drawing Diary: 12 and 13 March 2012


12 March: Facebook vs. Photo-Album
Last wednesday I watched some Story Keepers with the kids, which is an 2D animation series about the early christian church in Rome where adults tell bible-stories to their kids.
This weekend I saw some photo´s of my nephew (1) looking through the christmas-book I have illustrated (snufs). YAY! for writing down stories to pass around this year, and to pass them down in the years to come.

13 March: Fjernt
With the graphic crew at my work, we were evaluating the newest issue of our magazine, Mot Målet. Besides the magazine, we were working on a couple of other things simultaneously. Because of this I could not give the magazine as much attention as I would have liked, and I did not really feel I was "there". I think it is showing. When the work is going so fast, the whole team has to be able to trust each other. I am very thankful that I work with very dedicated and trusting people.

Technology is changing what of our life-story we pass down to our children. Even when social media will make it possible for our children to access lots of information about us, in decades to come. It will never take away the value and need to tell them the stories of our lives. It´s a very humanistic thought, I know.

Just for the sake of "Chronicling my life", I will have to print a few copies of this drawing book, to send it to the members of my family.

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