Friday, March 16, 2012

Drawing Diary: 14 and 15 March 2012

14 March: Reports from the mission-trips.
Our DTS have returned from their mission-trips and told reports/stories this evening. I thought that only a few of the reports were interesting to listen to, significant. Of course, the students need to decompress a lot of what has happened after such an intense cross-cultural experience. Then, retelling the stories, in your own words, gets a lot easier. It is the same for me with this diary, and when I draw bible-stories for the YWAM Magazine. I should get better at it, when I do it often and when others help me.

15 March: She slept like a baby. 
Today, Heidi was teaching at the DTS. In the last couple of days, her baby had kept her up at night, and she had been very tired. Yesterday, when a friend was praying for her, she felt to call Heidi and ask if she needed help with watching the little baby for a while. You bet Heidi was surprised and super-happy with the offer. She got to sleep extra much this night, and was well-rested to teach today. God is awesome.

Okay, I usually write the stories first, then I make the drawings. Today, I did not get done with the writing until very late.Drawing some Nijntjes, was an quick and easy.
I know, Nijntjes are solid icons of Dutch minimalism , and not easy-peasy solutions.

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