Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drawing Diary: 18 and 19 March 2012

18 March: Dentistry BC
After church someone invited me and a couple of others for dinner. At one point, The host asked me whether I had ever been at the Norwegian Dentistry museum… Well, it is beyond me, why in the world someone want to document, collect and exhibit such a thing. I had to think of our holidays in Germany when we were little. Whenever we would visit an old castle-ruin, me and my brothers would run straight down to the cellars where there would be torture-devices on display. God must have deemed it necessary to bestow me with a very vivid imagination, and keep me responsible to it.

19 March: Our new kitchen has a dishwasher! (latskap)
One may-day last year, we started to tear down one room in our dorm-building to rebuild it as an kitchen. Today, the new kitchen is in place and in use. Many people have been working on rebuiling this kitchen. Significant work has been done by Joachim, Brandon and Michael, and many many others. One interesting thing is that both Brandon and Michael have just kinda "showed up" to do some carpentry for a while, right when we needed them. Neither of them has a clear connection to our organization (YWAM) from before I believe.

Here is an article (in Norwegian) about the history of (Norwegian) dentistry. Enjoy!
Here is where the Norwegian Dentistry museum is rumored to be.

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