Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drawing Diary: 26 and 27 March 2012

26 March: A fifteen year old friend is on the run from the police today. I know her from Hamar. Today she escaped from the institution where she was going to be helped with her psychological- and addiction-probelms. She has actually been doing really well in the last weeks. This weekend she used weed again while she momentarily out. The consequence of thit is that she is going to be moved to a closed department fro treatment.
She is so scared to end up between jails and institutions forever.

27 March: My confused friend is still on the run. She had found a place in Sandvika where she spend the night. I don´t know with who or under what conditions (but probably under influence). She is scared and she is running as far away as possible. I have been afraid in my life, but never of coming back to where I have come from. This evening the police found her in Drammen. She is there now, at the police-station. It is hurtful to have a young friend who does not feel she can be at home, or refuses to be accepted. So little hope.

It is surreal and sobering at times to work with an organization that wants to bring the gospel to all the world, and then these kind of things are happening down the street.
Yet, it was beautiful to worship our true and faithful God together with my colleagues and be reminded that He is our hope and salvation.

Here is an interesting talk about Scandinavian Children´s literature. It made me appreciate Moomin a lot more. Because of the value it puts on family.

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